Friday, February 20, 2009

The Year of the OX

We arrived in Shanghai just in time for the beginning of the Chinese New Year. We were stranded here for a few days before we were able to travel back to Jingdezhen due to the Holiday, so we took the opportunity to see all of the New Years decorations. This year is the year of the ox, in various places among the city large gold ox statues were displayed as a Christmas tree would be in America. The Chinese make every effort to make it home to their families during this time to wish them well in the New Year. Many stores and restaurants are closed from one week up to a month. People enjoy their break by cleaning their homes, buying new clothing, and visiting friends and relatives to wish them a healthy and wealthy New Year.


Brad Lail said...

Those floats are sweet. My semester is going pretty well. I am glad to be back and working. I have been working toward some deadlines and the biggest one is in a month. I am almost finished and should finish up next week with turning. I will be firing for a show at the end of March pretty soon. All of my classes are not too bad except German is a bit of a struggle. I hope to go there at some point in my life so I figure I will do the language and get the credit to graduate. Are yall lonely there now? What does Brad do all day if you are teaching? How is Mike and Li Chao

Brad N Kim said...

Brad, sounds like you are staying busy! Good luck with the rest of the semester and your show. Where will the show be. All is good here. I have been making new work and going to fire the soda kiln soon. i'll post the images. i just got back from a ancient village north of her in Anhui Province with Li Chao. You got to see the pics. It is raining all the time it seems. Mike is actually back in the States and is not coming back. He had a change of plans. We are doing well; working, traveling, and eating good food with all of our friends. Stay in touch man!