Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jiang Sheng Jie

Here is our old friend Sheng Jie outside his school where he teaches in Jingdezhen. He is now teaching Chinese Painting and Studio Ceramics. He also teaches art and english at another school. He is a hard worker and a great artist. We are so happy to see him and spend much time with him again!


Barbara said...

Hi Sheng Jie. Can you believe Brad and Kim are in China with you now??? You have made a lasting impression on them !!! Have fun the next 10 mos. I'd love to see you again too. Bobbie

Brad N Kim said...

Hi Bobbie,
This is Sheng jie,It's been quite a while that I haven't talked to you,I definitely had a great time in the states and in your home, it is good memories for me in my whole life.
Yes, Brad and Kim are really here in China, I can't believe that at the beginning, but it is real, I am so exited, we had great time already in these days,and we will keep that on in these ten months.

Barbara said...

Sheng Jie, I know I can trust you with keeping Brad and Kim in line! ha ha I am sooooo glad you guys are able to see each other again. I know you'll have a great time together. You'll have to fly back with them in June. Have fun. I know you all will enjoy each other's company. THIS IS GREAT!