Monday, September 29, 2008

The Physical Examination

We had to have another physical exam once we arrived here. They sent us to a city called Jiu Jiang to have this done, which required a two hour bus ride to get to the city. Upon arriving we got a taxi and showed him the address to the doctor's office (in Chinese). He drove us two blocks and said okay you are here and pointed to a little one room doctor's office. We went inside and they said no this is the wrong place. So we went outside and got another taxi. This time the nurse came out and told the driver where to take us, so we figured we were set. We drove around about 15 minutes and the taxi driver dropped us off in front of a large building. So we got out and started heading up the steps when the gate keeper stopped us asking us where we were going. We showed him the address, and he said yet again this is not where you are should be. He was a very friendly guy and took pity on us calling the doctors office, he then told us to wait. About 15 minutes later a guy drives us and tells us to get in. So we take off with this guy, at first on normal roads until they became more and more narrow. Finally we were no longer on a road but a dirt pathway, which led to the doctors office. So this is it, no wonder the taxi drivers didn't know where to take us!

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