Monday, March 2, 2009

Jiu Hua Shan (9 Flower Mountain)

Kim and I went on a road trip with our friends Weina and Li Chao to see the country side, mountains, and buddhists temples. It was really nice to get away and see some new areas with our friends. Being able to get in a car and go on your own schedule is so nice... I know I take for granted how much freedom I have each day when I can go where ever I want in my truck.

Around Jingdezhen are huge mtns. We have been able to go to Yellow Mtn, which is the largest and most famous mtns in China. Near by are also beautiful mtns with many buddhists temples, around 99! Even though we are Christians, the beauty and auroa around these temples are amazing. I know why they chose these areas now, b/c you completely feel like you are in heaven. The clouds and fog was very thick and at many points it would cover the sites around you.

The temples were all very elaborate and the burning of incense was very abundant. It was very evident b/c you would see the wrappers from the candles and incense all around the mtn. Not good. The smoke helps keep the evil spirits away.

We had very good local food! Salted dried fish was one that we had from many different farmers. The picture of a fish is actual made from tofu, but tastes just like fish. On the mtn you can not buy any meat, since the true buddhists are vegetarians.

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