Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sanya, Hianan Island

About 5 days later Kim and I decided we wanted a change of scenery and headed south to Sanya city on the beach! Kim still had a week left of holiday and we found cheap tickets to Hianan. We stayed near Dadonghai Beach, about a five minute walk to the ocean. They call this area the "Hawaii of the East," which it was beautiful. I have not been to Hawaii, so I can not compare!

The beach and water were very clean, the cleanest I have ever been. The water was cold, but once you got used to it the warm air kept you in for as long as you wanted. We also got to go to another beach just south of Dadonghai. It was even nicer. Neither of the beaches were too crowded. We even had our own battleship off into the distance, so we were safe!!!

Fresh fruit and coffee was also a big plus for the island. We had several papaya's and a coconut. I was really excited about the coconut juice, but it was a little too sour for me. I love coconut milk mixed with Thai food, but straight from the coconut, I can not handle, but fun to experience. Kim looked very cute and happy drinking from the coconut!

Besides some rain and clouds the trip to the beach was very fun and relaxing. We also found a western grill across the street and had some good burgers, nachos, breakfasts, and wraps. The only thing I would change was getting the dates on our flight back to Nanchang mixed up. Luckily they had two seats left, but our special rate was no longer special anymore.

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